"if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything "

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aqkc: alright here we go.. why do you think men are nothing and women are everything


men are angry, violent, abusive, entitled, emotionally and mentally weak, selfish, dumb, objectifying, hateful, jealous, dramatic, uncaring.  they have no compassion for anything without a dick, they are willing to step all over women any chance it will benefit them (aka all the time), they do not let us have our own spaces and conversations without bursting their way in.  they cannot handle not being the centre of attention, their pain tolerance is laughable and they turn into babies when you make an insignificant text post saying they are nothing. 

women are STRONG in every conceivable way- emotionally, mentally and physically, we are caring, so unbelievably compassionate, loving, welcoming, smart, protective, understanding.  women fight their asses off to make movements to save themselves and other women from just being seen as walking vaginas (by, you guessed it, MEN) despite the disgusting amount of backlash we face because of it.  we continually go out of our way to protect others, we don’t go out of our way to bring down men, we accept when we are told “no”, we see others as full human beings- not just objects.  we do not abuse men or children at alarming rates, we do not make men fear for their lives, we do not expect to just be handed everything.  despite everything we go through, we are still better people than men.  women are targeted and hated from conception but we still FLOURISH in ways that i can’t even describe

just name a way a human can excel at something and i can guarantee you that women will be better

women are everything


Don’t judge someone habits if you don’t know why they got them.


Don’t judge someone habits if you don’t know why they got them.

"Do not pray anymore; the sky is deaf."

"Antigone" by Sophocles (via enjolrasthesocialjusticeblogger)
  • Mom:why is everything on the floor?
  • Me:gravity mom
"Each moan makes me crave another."

Six word story

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